Smart and Connected Communities Principle Investigators' Meeting (S&CC PI Meeting '24)
February 28th - 29th, 2024 | Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN


2024 S&CC PI Meeting Project Materials

POSTER/DEMO SESSION in Board of Trust (BOT) located in the Student Life Center 
Wed Feb 28th 4:30pm - 6:30pm CST

#Lead PIPoster

 LT Video

1Clinton Andrews - Rutgers UniversityMaking Micromobility Smarter and Safer1951890
2Takuya Azumi - Saitama UniviersitySoftware Platform for Low-Consumption Autonomous MobilityJST PRESTO
3Eleni Bardaka - North Carolina State UniversityEmpathy and AI: Towards Equitable Microtransit2325720
4Burcin Becerik-Gerber  - University of Southern California Behavior-driven Building Safety and Emergency Management for Campus Communities2318559
5Marc Berman - University of ChicagoUnderstanding the Impact of Social and Physical Environment Factors on Crime Using Urban Sensing and Machine-Learning1952050
6Timothy Bickmore - Northeastern UniversitySmart and Connected Churches for Promoting Health in Disadvantaged Populations1831755
7Shuza Binzaid - Prairie View A&M UniversitySustainable Energy Bike Lanes with Applications in the City of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2025641
8P. Jeffrey Brantingham - UCLAIndependent Real-Time Sensing Data to Support Community Well-Being2125319
9Kasim Candan - Arizona State UniversityPanCommunity: Leveraging Data and Models for Understanding and Improving Community Response in Pandemics


10Yang Cao - Hokkaido UniversityNew Trust Enhancing Technologies for LLMs


11Cynthia Chen - University of WashingtonSCC-IRG Track 1: Socially-integrated Robust Communication and Information-Resource Sharing Technologies for Post-disaster Community Self-reliance2311405
12Shu-Ching Chen - University of Missouri-Kansas CitySCC-IRG JST: Multimodal Data Analytics and Integration for Effective COVID-19, Pandemics and Compound Disaster Response and Management2301552
13Kayla de la Haye - University of Southern CaliforniaSmart and Connected Community Food Systems2125616
14Xuan "Sharon" Di - Columbia UniversityPreparing for Future Pandemics: Subway Crowd Management to Minimize Airborne Transmission of Respiratory Viruses (Way-CARE)2218809
15Tawanna Dillahunt - University of MichiganThe "Community Tech Workers": A Community-Driven Model to Support Economic Mobility And Bridge the Digital Divide in the U.S.2125012
16Betsy DiSalvo - Georgia Institute of TechnologyDataWorks: Building Smart Community Capacity1951818
17Barnali Dixon - University of South FloridaDesign and Development of a Near Real-Time Community Crowdsourced Resilience Information System for Enhancing Community Resilience in the Face of Flooding and other Extreme Events2325631
18Liang Dong - Iowa State UniversitySCC-IRG Track 1: Connecting Farming Communities for Sustainable Crop Production and Environment Using Smart Agricultural Drainage Systems2125484
19Vaness Frias-Martinez - University of MarylandInclusive Public Transit Toolkit to Assess Quality of Service  Across Socioeconomic Status in Baltimore City1951924
20Robert Gao - Case Western Reserve UniversityA Manufacturing-Driven Approach to Advancing Community in Northeast Ohio2125460
21Yue Ge - University of Central FloridaLeveraging Smart Technologies and Managing Community Resilience through Networked Communities and Cross-Sector Partnerships1952792
22Sucheta Ghoshal - University of WashingtonSCC-IRG Track 2: Diaspora, Agriculture, & AI: Community-based Integration of Smart Technologies into Black Diasporic Agricultural Practices2310515
23Erfan Goharian - University of South CarolinaIntelligent Flood Detection and Warning System to Assist Homeless Communities and Emergency Management Entities2244837
24Hideaki Hata - Shinshu UniversitySocial Implementation of Meta-Maintenance to Maintain Software Ecosystems


25Suining He - University of ConnecticutSCC-PG: Towards A User-Centered and Equity-Aware Micromobility Sharing Co-Design Network to Interact with A Distressed Municipality2303575
26Kurtis Heimerl - University of WashingtonBuilding a Partnership with Grab for Cross-ASEAN Regional Urban Insights2025022
27Kurtis Heimerl - University of WashingtonInnovations for Community-Held Infrastructure2125101
28Xiaolin Hu - Georgia State UniversitySCC-IRG Track 1: Smart and Safe Prescribed Burning for Rangeland and Wildland Urban Interface Communities2306603
29Michelle Hummel - University of Texas at ArlingtonEnabling Smart Cities in Coastal Regions of Environmental and Industrial Change: Building Adaptive Capacity through Sociotechnical Networks on the Texas Gulf Coast2231557
30Michael Hyland - University of California IrvineRevamping Regional Transportation Modeling and Planning to Address Unprecedented Community Needs during the Mobility Revolution2125560
31Khan Iftekharuddin - Old Dominion UniversityScalable Modeling and Adaptive Real-time Trust-based Communication (SMARTc) System for Roadway Inundations in Flood-Prone Communities1951745
32Panagiota Karava - Purdue University Sociotechnical Systems to Enable Smart and Connected Energy-Aware Residential Communities1737591
33Yutaro Kashiwa - Nara Institute of Science and TechnologyDeveloping Technique for Anomaly Detection in Software Behaviors


34Scott Kelley - University of Nevada, RenoA Multidisciplinary Approach to Assessing City-wide Near Misses Between Vehicles and Vulnerable Road Users in Reno-Sparks, Nevada2243588
35Kerry Kelly - University of UtahSmart Air: Informing Driving Behavior Through Dynamic Air-Quality Sensing and Smart Messaging1952008
36Mladen Kezunovic - Texas A&M UniversityAdvanced Learning for Energy Risk Tracking (Alert)


37Brian Krupp - Baldwin Wallace UniversityLeveraging Community Partners and IoT Based Sensors to Improve Localized Air Quality Monitoring in Communities2243646
38Pradeep Kurup - University of Massachusetts LowellCommunity Based Approach to Address Contaminants in Drinking Water using Smart Cloud-Connected Electrochemical Sensors2230180
39Chanam Lee - Texas A&M UniversityDigital Twin City for Age-friendly Communities: Crowd-biosensing of Environmental Distress for Older Adults2126045
40Insup Lee - University of PennsylvaniaActive sensing and personalized interventions for pandemic-induced social isolation2125561
41Katherine Lieberknecht - The University of Texas at AustinIntegrating Information Flows and Supporting Communities as 
Decision-Makers in Response to Acute and Chronic Stressors
42Jun Liu - University of AlabamaBuilding a Smart and Connected Rural Community for Improved Healthcare Access Through the Deployment of Integrated Mobility Solutions2303284
43Jiebo Luo - University of RochesterSmart Connected Oral Health Community (SMARTeeth): Using AI and Digital Technologies to Close the Gap in Oral Health Disparity2238208
44Katharine Mach - University of MiamiEquitable-access flood modeling for timely and just adaptation in the near and long term2305476
45Johanna Mathieu - University of Michigan Reducing Barriers to Residential Energy Security through an Integrated Case-Management, Data-Driven, Community -based approach1952038
46Carol Menassa - Universiy of MichiganSCC-IRG Track 1: Advancing Human-Centered Sociotechnical Research for Enabling Independent Mobility in People with Physical Disabilities 


47Yugo Nakamura - Kyushu UniversityEmpowerment ICT Platform for Health Behavior Security


48Vinod Namboodiri - Lehigh UniversityCityGuide: Seamless and Inclusive Location-Based Services for Communities1951864
49Christopher Neill - Woodwell Climate Research CenterSCC-IRG: Connecting Coastal Communities with Continuous, Sensor-based Monitoring of Water Quality2317235
50Tam Nguyen - University of DaytonCrowd-AI Sensing Based Traffic Analysis for Ho Chi Minh City Planning Simulation2025234
51Daniel O'Brien - Northeastern UniversityCommon SENSES (Standards for ENacting Sensor networks for an Equitable Society)2230036
52Kaoru Ota - Muroran Institute of Technology, JapanSelf-Optimizing Wireless Communication Environments Assisted by RIS


53Anand Panangadan - California State University, FullertonDesigning and Testing Remote Services to Support Formerly Homeless Persons in Permanent Housing2125654
54Natalie Parde - University of Illinois ChicagoIRG: Smart and Connected Family Engagement for Equitable Early Intervention Service Design2125411
55Ulrike Passe - Iowa State UniversityA Data-Driven Approach to Designing a Community-Focused Indoor Heat Emergency Alert System for Vulnerable Residents (CommHEAT)2226880
56Srinivas Peeta - Georgia Institute of TechnologyFostering Smart and Sustainable Travel through Engaged Communities using Integrated Multidimensional Information-Based Solutions2125390
57Kishore Ramachandran - Georgia Institute of TechnologySCC-PG: Edge Computing for Bringing Smart Services to Under-served Urban Communities


58Essam Rashed - University of HyogoInteractive Medical Image Diagnosis with Chatbot Assistance


59John-Ross Rizzo - Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, NYU School of Medicine, New York, NYSCC-IRG Track2: Transportation Gaps and Disability-Related Unemployment: Smarter Cities and Wearables Combating Commuting Challenges for the Visually Impaired


60Arif Sadri - University of OklahomaTrust Formation and Risk Communication in Underserved Communities during Compound Hazard Events through Online and Offline Social Networks (TRUCHE)2229439
61Nilanjan Sarkar - Vanderbilt UniversityCommunity Informed AI-Based Vehicle Technology Simulator with Behavioral Strategies to Advance Neurodiverse Independence and Employment2322029
62Nilanjan Sarkar - Vanderbilt UniversityReducing Loneliness for Long Term Care Older Adults through Collaborative Augmented Reality2225890
63Gwen Shaffer - California State University Long BeachTrust, Transparency and Technology: Building Digital Equity Through a Civic Digital Commons2234081
64Sihua Shao - New Mexico Institute of Mining and TechnologySustainable Vertiports for Bringing Autonomous Drone Swarm Inspection to Oil and Gas Industry Community2323050
65Chenyi Shen - Carnegie Mellon UniversityMeta-Garden


66Yasser Shoukry - University of California, IrvineCommunity-Driven Design of Fair, Urban Air Mobility Transportation Management Systems2313104
67Asheesh Singh - Iowa State UniversitySmart Integrated Farm Network for Rural Agricultural Communities (SIRAC)1952045
68Virginia Smith - Villanova UniversitySmart, Sustainable, and Equitable Green Stormwater Systems in Urban Communities


69Kenichi Soga - University of California BerkeleyDesigning Smart, Sustainable Risk Reduction in Hazard-Prone Communities: Modeling Risk Across Scales of Time and Space2230636
70Annalisa Szymanski - University of Notre DameSCC-IRG Track 1: Food Information Networks (FINs):Building Data-Driven Supports for Increasing Access and Healthy Food Choices in Low-Income Neighborhoods2021-67022-33447
71Hamed Tabkhi - UNC CharlotteBuilding Safe and Secure Communities through Real-Time Edge Video Analytics1831795
72Diego Thompson - Mississippi State UniversityReducing the Vulnerability of Disadvantaged Communities to the Impacts of Cascading Hazards Under a Changing Climate2021-67022-35908
73Nalini Venkatasubramanian  - University  of California, IrvineThe SWADE SmartWater Data Exchange: Creating an Extensible Data Exchange and Analytics Sandbox for Smart Water Infrastructures


74Morgan Vigil-Hayes - Northern Arizona UniversityQoyangnuptu Project: Smart, Connected, & Culturally-centered System to Support the Well-being of Hopi/Tewa Youth2224014
75Natalia Villanueva Rosales - The University of Texas at El PasoSSC-IRG Track 2: Smart Social Connector: An Interdisciplinary, Collaborative Approach to Foster Social Connectedness in Underserved Senior Populations1952243
76Dong Wang - University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignSCC: Smart Water Crowdsensing: Examining How Innovative Data Analytics and Citizen Science Can Ensure Safe Drinking Water in Rural Versus Suburban Communities 



77Zhenbo Wang - The University of Tennessee KnoxvilleSecuring Underserved Communities from Drug Abuse with Drone-Based Smart Medication Delivery

78Qi (Ryan) Wang - Northeastern UniversityToxic-Free Footprints to Improve
Community Health Against Respiratory Hazards
79Mimi Xie - The University of Texas at San AntonioSCC-PG: Bridge: An AI-Enabled Platform to Support Connected Communities for Coordinated Care of Children with Autism 2306596
80Li Xiong - Emory UniversityHyperlocal Risk Monitoring and Pandemic Preparedness through Privacy-Enhanced Mobility and Social Interactions Analysis


81Fan Ye - SUNY at Stony BrookSmart Aging: Connecting Communities Using Low-Cost and Secure Sensing Technologies1951880
82Norihiro Yoshida - Ritsumeikan UniversityBuilding Automated Testing and Bug Repair Infrastructure for IoT


83Kimberly Zarecor - Iowa State UniversityOvercoming the Rural Data Deficit to Improve Quality of Life and Community Services in Smart & Connected Small Communities1952007
84Desheng Zhang - Lehigh UniversitySocially Informed Services Conflict Governance through Specification, Detection, Resolution and Prevention1952096
85Ke Zhang - Cornell UniversityToward a Statewide Public IoT Network1952063
86Ming Zhao - Arizona State UniversityGetting the Edge on Data-Driven Self-Managed Care:  A Focus on Older Veterans in Arizona 2231874
87Mariya Zheleva - SUNY at AlbanySCC: Integrating Heterogeneous Wide-Area Networks and Advanced Data Science to Bridge the Digital Divide in Rural Emergency Preparedness and Response

88Haiyi Zhu - Carnegie Mellon UniversityEmpowering and Enhancing Workers Through Building A Community-Centered Gig Economy1952085
89Daphney-Stavroula Zois - University at Albany, SUNYCommunity on Multimodality: Participatory Action, Service, and Support (COMPASS)1737443
90Wangda Zuo - Pennsylvania State UniversityModernizing Cities Via Smart Garden Alleys With Application In Makassar City2241361


D-1Lead PI: Fan Ye (SUNY at Stony Brook)
Presenter: Elinor Schoenfeld (Stony Brook University)
SCC-IRG Track 1: Smart Aging: Connecting Communities Using Low-Cost and Secure Sensing Technologies1951880
D-2Kerry Kelly (University of Utah)Smart Air: Informing Driving Behavior Through Dynamic Air-Quality Sensing And Smart Messaging    1952008
D-3Ahhyun Yuh (University of Pennsylvania, PRECISE Center)    Data-Driven Chatbot Solutions in Senior Healthcare to Support Loneliness


D-4Xuan Di (Columbia University)    SubwayVR: Real-Time GTFS Data Visualization and Navigation in VR Subway Station

D-5Abhishek Dubey (Vanderbilt University)    Smart Transit


D-6Nalini Venkatasubramanian (University of California, Irvine)The SWADE SmartWater Data Exchange: Creating a Extensible Data Exchange and Analytics Sandbox for Smart Water Infrastructures    


D-7Hamed Tabkhi (UNC Charlotte)   Building Safe and Secure Communities through Real-Time Edge Video Analytics


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