Mohammad Arif Ul Alam
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Mohammad Arif Ul Alam is serving as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Miner School of Computer & Information Sciences at University of Massachusetts Lowell and a volunteer Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts Medical School. He is also a Research Partner of Israel-based hydroponic company, Start-up-roots. Prior to joining University of Massachusetts Lowell, he was a Research Staff Member at MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and a Research Affiliate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for ~2 years. He did his Ph.D. in Information Systems from University of Maryland Baltimore County under the supervision of Nirmalya Roy, Ph.D. The primary focus of his research lies on machine learning, ubiquitous computing, healthcare robotics and artificial intelligence ethics in human-centered computing. With the goal of impacting the practice of computer and information science, my work consists of design, experimentation, quantitative and qualitative evaluation, analytic modeling and simulation to answer questions about computer systems and methodologies related to their application to human behavior and cognition. I also solve complex robotic vision problems using multi-modal sensor fusion and deep learning techniques and apply in healthcare.