Susannah Gordon-Messer
Maine Math and Science Alliance

Susannah is a STEM Education Specialist with the Maine Math and Science Alliance. Trained as a lab scientist, she transitioned to education when she realized that her true enthusiasm lay in finding ways to teach and excite people about STEM. She is interested in innovative tools and programs that allow participants to engage in authentic experiences and use their creativity as they learn. Prior to MMSA, she worked at the University of Southern Maine as the interim director of the Ci2 Concept Research Lab, a creative projects and innovation space for students, faculty and the community. Before moving to Maine, she was a curriculum and professional development specialist for The Education Arcade at MIT where she worked on The Radix Endeavor, a multiplayer online game tied to math and biology standards. Susannah holds a PhD in Biophysics from Brandeis University and a BS in Biological Engineering from Cornell University.