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Alt / Co-Presenters
Poster TitleNSF Award Number(s)Location
Ajay Abraham (Wichita State University)        
Badrinadh Aila
CityGuide: Seamless and Inclusive Location-Based Services for Communities19518641
Clinton Andrews (Rutgers University)        
Wenwen Zhang
Making Micromobility Smarter and Safer19518902
Takuya Azumi (Saitama Univiersity)Software Platform for Low-Consumption Autonomous MobilityJST PRESTO3
Eleni Bardaka (North Carolina State University)        
Crystal Lee
Empathy and AI: Towards Equitable Microtransit23257204
Burcin Becerik-Gerber (University of Southern California)Behavior-driven Building Safety and Emergency Management for Campus Communities23185595
Marc Berman (University of Chicago)Understanding the Impact of Social and Physical Environment Factors on Crime Using Urban Sensing and Machine-Learning19520506
Timothy Bickmore (Northeastern University)Smart and Connected Churches for Promoting Health in Disadvantaged Populations18317557
Shuza Binzaid (PI) Kazi Meharajul KabirSustainable Energy Bike Lanes with Applications in the City of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia20265418
P. Jeffrey Brantingham (UCLA)Independent Real-Time Sensing Data to Support Community Well-Being21253199
Jo Brooks (University of Michigan)Reducing Barriers to Residential Energy Security195203810
Yang Cao (Hokkaido University)New Trust Enhancing Technologies for LLMsJPMJPR23P511
Shu-Ching Chen (University of Missouri-Kansas City)SCC-IRG JST: Multimodal Data Analytics and Integration for Effective COVID-19, Pandemics and Compound Disaster Response and ManagementCNS-230155212
Gerardo Chowell (Georgia State University School of Public Health)PanCommunity: Leveraging Data and Models for Understanding and Improving Community Response in Pandemics212524613
Kayla de la Haye (University of Southern California)Smart and Connected Community Food Systems212561614
Xuan Di (Columbia University)Preparing for Future Pandemics: Subway Crowd Management to Minimize Airborne Transmission of Respiratory Viruses (Way-CARE)221880915
Karyn Doke (University at Albany)SCC: Integrating heterogeneous wireless networks and advanced data science to bridge the digital divide in rural emergency preparedness and responseCMMI-183154716
Liang Dong (Iowa State University)SCC-IRG Track 1: Connecting Farming Communities for Sustainable Crop Production and Environment Using Smart Agricultural Drainage Systems212548417
Vaness Frias-Martinez (University of Maryland)Inclusive Public Transit Toolkit to Assess Quality of Service Across Socioeconomic Status in Baltimore City195192418
Robert Gao (Case Western Reserve University)A Manufacturing-Driven Approach to Advancing Community in Northeast Ohio212546019
Yue Ge (University of Central Florida)Leveraging Smart Technologies and Managing Community Resilience through Networked Communities and Cross-Sector Partnerships195279220
Sucheta Ghoshal (University of Washington)Reimagining smart agriculture with black diasporic farming communities231051521
Erfan Goharian (University of South Carolina)Intelligent Flood Detection and Warning System to Assist Homeless Communities and Emergency Management Entities224483722
Subhrajit Guhathakurta (Georgia Tech)        
Barnali Dixon, Peng Chen, Yi Qiang, Eugene Yan
Design and Development of a Near Real-Time Community Crowdsourced Resilience Information System for Enhancing Community Resilience in the Face of Flooding and other Extreme Events232563123
Song Han (University of Connecticut)SCC-PG: Towards A User-Centered and Equity-Aware Micromobility Sharing Co-Design Network to Interact with A Distressed Municipality230357524
Hideaki Hata (Shinshu University)Social implementation of meta-maintenance to maintain software ecosystemsJST25
Kurtis Heimerl (University of Washington)Building a Partnership with Grab for Cross-ASEAN Regional Urban Insights202502226
Kurtis Heimerl (University of Washington)Innovations for Community-Held Infrastructure212510127
Xiaolin Hu (Georgia State University)SCC-IRG Track 1: Smart and Safe Prescribed Burning for Rangeland and Wildland Urban Interface Communities230660328
Michelle Hummel (University of Texas at Arlington)        
Byeongseong Choi, Kathryn Masten
Enabling Smart Cities in Coastal Regions of Environmental and Industrial Change: Building Adaptive Capacity through Sociotechnical Networks on the Texas Gulf Coast223155729
Michael Hyland (UC Irvine)        
Wenlong Jin, Siwei Hu, Younghun Bahk
Revamping Regional Transportation Modeling and Planning to Address Unprecedented Community Needs during the Mobility Revolution212556030
Khan Iftekharuddin (Old Dominion University)Scalable Modeling and Adaptive Real-time Trust-based Communication (SMARTc) System for Roadway Inundations in Flood-Prone CommunitiesIRG195174531
Xiayan Ji (University of Pennsylvania)        
Ahhyun Yuh
Active sensing and personalized interventions for pandemic-induced social isolation212556132
Panagiota Karava (Purdue University)        
Huijeong Kim
Sociotechnical Systems to Enable Smart and Connected Energy-Aware Residential Communities173759133
Yutaro Kashiwa (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)Developing Technique for Anomaly Detection in Software BehaviorsInvite Only Session for Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)34
Scott Kelley (University of Nevada, Reno)A multidisciplinary approach to assessing city-wide near misses between vehicles and vulnerable road users in Reno-Sparks, Nevada224358835
Mladen Kezunovic (Texas A&M University)Advanced Learning For Energy Risk Tracking (ALERT)212598536
Brian Krupp (Baldwin Wallace University)Leveraging Community Partners and IoT Based Sensors to Improve Localized Air Quality Monitoring in Communities224364637
Pradeep Kurup (University of Massachusetts Lowell)        
Mohammad Arif Ul Alam, Tersa Gonzales, John Macone
Community Based Approach to Address Contaminants in Drinking Water using Smart Cloud-Connected Electrochemical Sensors223018038
Chanam Lee (Texas A&M University)Digital Twin City for Age-friendly Communities: Crowd-biosensing of Environmental Distress for Older Adults212604539
Katherine Lieberknecht (The University of Texas at Austin)Integrating Information Flows and Supporting Communities as Decision-Makers in Response to Acute and Chronic Stressors195219640
Jun Liu (University of Alabama)Building a smart and connected rural community for improved healthcare access through the deployment of integrated mobility solutions230328441
Jiebo Luo (University of Rochester)Smart Connected Oral Health Community (SMARTeeth): Using AI and Digital Technologies to Close the Gap in Oral Health Disparity223820842
Katharine Mach (University of Miami)Equitable-access flood modeling for timely and just adaptation in the near and long termSCC-230547643
Carol Menassa (Universiy of Michigan)        
Vineet Kamat, Chien Fei Chen
SCC-IRG Track 1: Advancing Human-Centered Sociotechnical Research for Enabling Independent Mobility in People with Physical Disabilities212485744
Oscar Mondragon (The University of Texas at El Paso)SSC-IRG Track 2: Smart Social Connector: An Interdisciplinary, Collaborative Approach to Foster Social Connectedness in Underserved Senior Populations Year 3195224345
Yugo Nakamura (Kyushu University)Empowerment ICT Platform for Health Behavior SecurityJPMJPR21P746
Christopher Neill (Woodwell Climate Research Center)SCC-IRG: Connecting Coastal Communities with Continuous, Sensor-based Monitoring of Water Quality231723547
Tam Nguyen (University of Dayton)Crowd-AI Sensing Based Traffic Analysis for Ho Chi Minh City Planning Simulation202523448
Daniel O'Brien (Northeastern University)Common SENSES (Standards for ENacting Sensor networks for an Equitable Society)223003649
Kaoru Ota (Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan)Self-Optimizing Wireless Communication Environments Assisted by RISJST PRESTO Grant Number JPMJPR21P350
Anand Panangadan (California State University, Fullerton)Designing and testing remote services to support formerly homeless persons in permanent housing212565451
Ulrike Passe (Iowa State University)        
Jeremy Caron, Nicholas Schwab
A data-driven approach to designing a community-focused indoor heat emergency alert system for vulnerable residents (CommHEAT)222688052
Srinivas Peeta (Georgia Institute of Technology)        
Md Gulam Kibria, Yufei Xu
Fostering Smart and Sustainable Travel through Engaged Communities using Integrated Multidimensional Information-Based Solutions212539053
Kishore Ramachandran (Georgia Institute of Technology)SCC-PG: Edge Computing for Bringing Smart Services to Under-served Urban Communities212535454
Essam Rashed (University of Hyogo)Interactive medical image diagnosis with chatbot assistanceJPMJPR23P755
John-Ross Rizzo (Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY)VIS4ION: A Smart Wearable for Navigation Support for the Visually Impaired195218056
Arif Sadri (University of Oklahoma)        
K. K. Muraleetharan
Trust Formation and Risk Communication in Underserved Communities during Compound Hazard Events through Online and Offline Social Networks (TRUCHE)222943957
Nilanjan Sarkar (Vanderbilt University)Community Informed AI-Based Vehicle Technology Simulator with Behavioral Strategies to Advance Neurodiverse Independence and Employment232202958
Nilanjan Sarkar (Vanderbilt University)        
Mahrukh Tauseef, Akshith Ullal
Reducing Loneliness for Long Term Care Older Adults through Collaborative Augmented Reality222589059
Gwen Shaffer (California State University Long Beach)        
Omar Moncayo
Trust, Transparency and Technology: Building Digital Equity Through a Civic Digital CommonsPG 223408160
Sihua Shao (New Mexico Tech)        
Mostafa Hassanalian
Sustainable Vertiports for Bringing Autonomous Drone Swarm Inspection to Oil and Gas Industry Community232305061
Chenyi Shen (Carnegie Mellon University)Meta-GardenFP0000937862
Yasser Shoukry (University of California, Irvine)Community-Driven Design of Fair, Urban Air Mobility Transportation Management Systems231310463
Asheesh Singh (Iowa State University)Smart Integrated Farm Network for Rural Agricultural Communities (SIRAC)195204564
Virginia Smith (Villanova University)        
Peleg Kremer
Smart, Sustainable, and Equitable Green Stormwater Systems in Urban Communities215283465
Kenichi Soga (University of California Berkeley)Designing Smart, Sustainable Risk Reduction in Hazard-Prone Communities: Modeling Risk Across Scales of Time and Space223063666
Annalisa Szymanski (University of Notre Dame)        
Aarti Israni
SCC-IRG Track 1: Food Information Networks (FINs):Building data-driven supports for increasing access and healthy food choices in low-income neighborhoods2021-67022-3344767
Diego Thompson (Mississippi State University)        
Farshid Vahedifard
Reducing the Vulnerability of Disadvantaged Communities to the Impacts of Cascading Hazards under a Changing Climate2021-67022-3590869
Morgan Vigil-Hayes (Northern Arizona University)        
Ashish Amresh
Qoyangnuptu Project: Smart, Connected, & Culturally-centered System to Support the Well-being of Hopi/Tewa Youth222401470
Vivian Villegas (University of Illinois Chicago)        
Mary Khetani, Natalie Parde
IRG: Smart and Connected Family Engagement for Equitable Early Intervention Service Design212541171
Dong Wang (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)        
Na Wei
SCC: Smart Water Crowdsensing: Examining how innovative data analytics and citizen science can ensure safe drinking water in rural versus suburban communities1831669, 214099972
Zhenbo Wang (The University of Tennessee Knoxville)Securing Underserved Communities from Drug Abuse with Drone-Based Smart Medication Delivery223171073
Ryan Wang (Northeastern University)Toxic-Free Footprints to Improve Community Health against Respiratory Hazards212532674
Mimi Xie (The University of Texas at San Antonio)        
Leslie Neely
SCC-PG: Bridge: An AI-Enabled Platform to Support Connected Communities for Coordinated Care of Children with Autism230659675
Li Xiong (Emory University)        
Weihua An, Cyrus Shahabi
Hyperlocal Risk Monitoring and Pandemic Preparedness through Privacy-Enhanced Mobility and Social Interactions Analysis212553076
Yu Yang (Lehigh University)Socially Informed Services Conflict Governance through Specification, Detection, Resolution and Prevention195209677
Norihiro Yoshida (Ritsumeikan University)Building Automated Testing and Bug Repair Infrastructure for IoTJPMJPR21PA78
Kimberly Zarecor (Iowa State University)        
Biswa Das, Erin Mullenix
Overcoming the Rural Data Deficit to Improve Quality of Life and Community Services in Smart & Connected Small Communities195200779
Ming Zhao (Arizona State University)        
Nicole Roberts
Getting the Edge on Data-Driven Self-Managed Care: A Focus on Older Veterans in Arizona223187480
Haiyi Zhu (Carnegie Mellon University)Empowering and Enhancing Workers Through Building A Community-Centered Gig Economy195208581
Daphney-Stavroula Zois (University at Albany, SUNY)Community on Multimodality: Participatory Action, Service, and Support (COMPASS)173744382
Wangda Zuo (Pennsylvania State University)Modernizing Cities Via Smart Garden Alleys With Application In Makassar City224136183
Tawanna DillahuntThe “Community Tech Workers”: A Community-Driven Model to Support Economic Mobility and Bridge the Digital Divide in the U.S.212501284
K. Max ZhangToward a statewide public Internet of Things (IoT) network195206385
Betsy DiSalvoBuilding Smart Community Capacity195181886
Cynthia ChenSocially-Integrated Robust Communication and Information-Resource Sharing Technologies for Post Disaster Community Self-Reliance231140587


2024 S&CC Demonstrations

Lead PI             
Alt / Co-Presenters
Poster TitleNSF Award Number(s)Location 
Elinor Randi Schoenfeld (Stony Brook University)       
Zongxing Xie       
Fan Ye PI
SCC-IRG Track 1: Smart Aging: Connecting Communities Using Low-Cost and Secure Sensing Technologies19518801
Kerry Kelly (University of Utah)Smart Air: Informing Driving Behavior Through Dynamic Air-Quality Sensing And Smart Messaging19520082
Ahhyun Yuh (University of Pennsylvania, PRECISE Center)
Data-Driven Chatbot Solutions in Senior Healthcare to Support Loneliness
Xuan Di (Columbia University)
SubwayVR: Real-Time GTFS Data Visualization and Navigation in VR Subway Station
Abhishek Dubey (Vanderbilt)
Smart Transit
Nalini Venkatasubramanian (University of California, Irvine)       
Zhenghui Hu, Shangping Ren
The SWADE SmartWater Data Exchange: Creating a Extensible Data Exchange and Analytics Sandbox for Smart Water Infrastructures19522476
Hamed Tabkhi (UNC Charlotte)        
Babak Rahimi, Shannon Reid, Jeri Guido
Building Safe and Secure Communities through Real-Time Edge Video Analytics18317957