NSF S&CC Projects

NSF funds a variety of projects in and related to smart and connected communities.

Primary Award Mechanisms:

Integrative Research Grants: full awards of ~$1M-$2.5M for up to four years to support fundamental integrative research that addresses technological and social science dimensions of smart and connected communities and pilots solutions together with communities.
Planning Grants: awards of ~$150K for 1 year to facilitate capacity building and prepare project teams to propose future well-developed IRG proposals.

Other Award Mechanisms:

EAGER: awards for exploratory work on early stage or untested research concepts or approaches with potentially transformative outcomes ("high risk, high payoff")
RAPID: awards for proposals having a severe urgency with regard to availability of, or access to data, facilities or specialized equipment, including quick-response research on natural or anthropogenic disasters and similar unanticipated events
Other: awards such as workshops, conferences, etc.

For details about these award types, please refer to the S&CC solicitation.

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Education and Workforce
Empowering and Enhancing Workers Through Building A Community-Centered Gig Economy
10/01/2020 – 09/30/2024
Lead PI: Haiyi Zhu
Award Type: Integrative Research Grant
Affiliation: Carnegie-Mellon University
Building Smart Community Capacity
10/01/2020 – 09/30/2024
Lead PI: Betsy DiSalvo
Award Type: Integrative Research Grant
Affiliation: Georgia Tech
STEMports: Community Workforce Development through Augmented Reality STEM Learning Experiences
10/01/2018 – 12/31/2023
Lead PI: Susannah Gordon-Messer
Award Type: Underserved Community
Affiliation: Maine Math and Science Alliance
The “Community Tech Workers”: A Community-Driven Model to Support Economic Mobility and Bridge the Digital Divide in the U.S.
01/01/2022 – 12/31/2024
Lead PI: Tawanna Dillahunt
Award Type: Integrative Research Grant
Affiliation: University of Michigan
Exploring STEM Educational Delivery for Youth in Norfolk Juvenile Detention Center
10/01/2021 – 09/30/2024
Lead PI: Sampath Jayarathna
Award Type:
Affiliation: Old Dominion University
A Manufacturing-Driven Approach to Advancing Community in Northeast Ohio
10/01/2021 – 09/30/2024
Lead PI: Robert Gao
Award Type: Integrative Research Grant
Affiliation: Case Western Reserve University
Preparing the Next-Generation Rural Workforce Through Inclusive and Place-Based Smart and Connected STEM Educational Delivery Models
10/01/2021 – 09/30/2023
Lead PI: Eliot Winer
Award Type:
Affiliation: Iowa State University
Prisons Evolving as Connected Communities
10/01/2021 – 09/30/2023
Lead PI: Eden Badertscher
Award Type:
Affiliation: Education Development Center
Revitalizing Rural - Equipping Rural Communities with Technology Literacy for Seizing Productivity
10/01/2021 – 09/30/2023
Lead PI: John O'Hara
Award Type: Planning Grant
Affiliation: Oklahoma State University
I4all (Interests for All): A Smart Socio-Technical Infrastructure to Identify, Cultivate, and Sustain Youth STEAM Interests in a Diverse Midsized American City
10/01/2018 – 06/30/2022
Lead PI: Nichole Pinkard
Award Type: Underserved Community
Affiliation: Northwestern University
A Novel Architecture for Secure, Energy-Efficient Community-Edge-Clouds with Application in Harlem (SEEC HARLEM) this proposal
09/15/2017 – 08/31/2022
Lead PI: Daniel Kilper
Award Type: Integrative Research Grant
Affiliation: University of Arizona